2014 Onwards and Upwards for Foad Wax

patt foad

WOW… Sorry for the hiatus! It has been WAYYY too long since our last blog post.

Essentially it all boils down to me being ludicrously lucky and privileged to be a part of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Special Makeup FX team, and  having no time whatsoever to pursue the lofty heights I have in mind for Foad Wax Ltd.

That being said some pretty exciting things are on the cards for this year.

  • We are going to have mor promotional offers.
  • There will be random prize givings – you know, because we care
  • New product lines are the in works; FINALLY

These new products will include and not be limited to:

  • Vegan FIRM moustache wax
  • ROCK HARD moustache wax
  • Soap
  • Skin and Hair moisturiser

And ALL using 100% natural ingredients!

We are honing the recipes and concoctions for these products that should be making their appearance shortly. Keep up to date with our FACEBOOK page Or Twitter for regular updates.

I will be keeping more regular tabs on our goings on and will blog accordingly. Providing their of interest of course :)

Stay tuned x


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