Your Beard and first impressions

patt foad

We all want to be healthy. We want to feel healthy and we want to look healthy. But its important to have and maintain a healthy beard or moustache from the inside and out.

Your facial hair deserves to be pampered. Liken your beard to a regal persian cat. It needs attention, it yearns to be fawned over and it deserves the finer things. I mean come on, would your partner want to stroke this?

ratty cat

Sadly… I don’t think so. Sure you could play the so ugly its actually quite cut card. But first impressions are key. Cleanliness is next to godliness so they say. And your beard is no exception. A first impression is the event when one person first encounters another person and forms a mental image of that person. With this in mind lets take a look at this specimen:

Yeah Boiiiii

It stands proud, glorious, confident and above all without even stroking him, your first impression is that it will be soft to the touch.

THIS my friends is what we want. This is the end goal.

My Foad’s ‘Silky Hare’ Beard Oil brings out the neutral highlights in your hairs and works wonders on bringing out the glorious fiery red hues. It adds luster and conditions it from root to tip. Our most recent advocate of our Beard Oil is actor Brendan Gleeson, perhaps best known for playing Mad Eye Moody in the Harry Potter films. He was given our oil by the makeup designer on the film ‘Suffragette’ and I was informed that he LOVES IT!

Its important to note that you should experiment with amounts, what may be right for some may be too much or too little for you

And a remember. A beard is for life, not just for fads x

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