Rival Sons embrace Foad Wax for their facial hair!!!

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Guitarist Scott Holiday and Drummer Michael Miley from the awesome Rival Sons have embraced using Foad Wax, Toad Satin Wax and Silky Hare beard and hair oil.

Scott Holiday and Michael Miley of Rival Sons – Notice the Beard Team Canada shirt too

 Scott Holiday and Michael Miley of Rival Sons – Notice the Beard Team Canada shirt too

It was only a few weeks ago that I messaged the Rival Sons on their Facebook page asking if it was possible to send Scott some Foad Wax. Scott has a superb handlebar moustache, accompanied by a thumb piece and goatee beard and it suits him very well! So well that his own moustache even has its own fan base via a Scott Holiday’s Moustache Facebook page! Naturally due to their very busy schedule and current 2013 tour I was not expecting anything to come of it. I was SO wrong!

Within a few days Scott himself dropped me a line and said that it would be great to try out Foad Wax products as he has been looking for a new brand. He said that they were going to be at a hotel in Hamilton, Canada in a weeks time and for me to send it there. The very next day, brimming with excitement, I packaged up the Foad Wax, Toad Satin Wax and Silky Hare Oils for the boys, along with a flick knife moustache comb for Scott, and went straight to Mail Boxes Etc in Clapham Common, London who were super friendly and helpful. I sent the product to arrive next working day, which I found hard to fathom, but it did just that.

A few days after they had arrived at the hotel I got a really nice message from Scott and then later from Mikey saying that they love the stuff and I could not be more pleased! These guys are so friendly and approachable and just awesome. They were kind enough to take this picture for me. Its just made my fucking year! Foad Wax pimping aside I love Rival Sons. My friend Johan said I would like them and that I should check them out. I was pretty much hooked after just a few seconds. I know what a likes, and I fuckin’ likes them. So much talent and so unassuming. No airs and graces, just guys that love music and just fucking rock!!! I can not recommend seeing them live enough. If you have the opportunity please go see them. They are tighter than a fat guy in spandex, seriously one of the best live bands I have ever seen.

Thanks again Scott and Mikey, look forward to seeing you April

Patt x

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