Flick Knife Moustache Comb

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Due to popular demand, we at Foad Wax now sell the novelty Flick Knife Moustache Combs as used by Patt Foad in the ‘How to wax your moustache tutorial video’. They come with a hand made by us, one of a kind, Foad Wax shrinky dink key charm. What’s not to love? This comb is very easily carried on your person for tash touch ups throughout the day. Keeping this comb clean is quick and easy with the aid of a tissue/kleenex to get rid of excess wax, and a dab of vodka or high proof spirit to eradicate greasy residue. Buy your Flick Knife Moustache Comb today!

DISCLAIMER: We feel it important to mention that although beloved by Mr. Foad these are first and foremost a novelty item and should be regarded as such. They work perfectly well as a comb, for both moustache and beard, but the spring action can be delicate. We make no claims as to their sturdiness BUT they look really cool and make a refreshing change to the drab ‘traditional’ gentlemen’s comb. We are sorry to say that we at Foad Wax can and will not accept responsibility for the combs due to the fact that we do not manufacture them ourselves.’

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