Greetings Moustache Fancier!

Now of course I understand that there are many ways to skin a cat, especially when there are so many different products out there to choose from, each with their own pros and cons. As far as using Foad Wax goes, I have found the following method rather successful on the majority of facial forestry.

Now it’s not as simple as merely slathering on a load of wax, twirling the ends and hoping for the best, OH dear me no! There are a few subtle nuances that help in the execution of a finely waxed nostril cosy when using Foad Wax.

Step by Step

Here is a simple and effective way to achieve the best results with FOAD WAX ©.

Foad Wax is considered to be a ‘medium to firm wax’ and therefore has a medium to strong hold.

1. Scoop out a small amount of wax at first, using the back of your fingernail (see video) and gently roll into a ball using your thumb and forefinger

2. Drag and Knead the wax ball gently over and through the body of the facial hair right through to the ends. If a stylised highly waxed and curled ‘stache is required, i.e. a’handlebar’, just add some additional wax to both the body and the tips, lightly twisting as you go)

3. Once the wax has been ‘massaged’ into the desired areas, use a small comb and a blast of the hair dryer on a warm setting in short bursts to tame the hair into the desired shape. This also enables you to melt away any ‘clumping’, and subsequently melds it into the hair. This step is rather important. Without the aid of a hairdryer you may find that obtaining an even distribution through your ‘stache can be tricky but not impossible.

4. Now style to taste. Use heated tongs if desired (This can be done prior to step one if a strong and defined foundation is wanted)

5. Allow to cool and you’re done! Yet even more wax may be used on the tips of the facial hair to tease any stragglers back in line, enabling added hold and sleekness

As a final note all moustache wax products, users and techniques all differ; but as long as you like the end result then all is well